A Professional DJ Sound, Music & Lighting Service

The Power of Two

We provide your Event with Two DJs


With over 4 decades of experience and having performed at hundreds of events, we are sure to get your party started. We have millions of songs to entertain your guests. DJ Sound & Lighting is ALL we do so we can focus on you and your event. Our DJ's can even Hot-Mix your song requests in sets or for the entire event!

Professional Sound & Lighting Systems...

Using state-of-the-art sound systems, MidKnight Productions can provide bi-amped, crystal clear sound for your event. We are proud users of Pioneer DJ, Numark, Serato Pro, Denon DJ, Crown, Mackie & EV Sound Gear. A Laptop & DMX controlled lighting system to create choreographed and unique lighting effects for your event. We have dozens of lighting fixtures to choose from. We are proud users of Martin, ADJ, Venue & Chauvet Lighting products.

Professional Event Execution...

At Midknight Productions we also look, dress and act professional. From tucking all our wiring under skirts / scrims and out of sight to courteous and professional DJs, we always remain attentive to our client's various needs. We can help you plan your event as well all the way down to professionally produced fliers and signage. We also use only legally purchased & obtained music & videos in our performances.

Our Services

We have a wide array of services we can provide.

Our Weddings

We can help you plan your wedding to perfection with our multi-step itinerary and in-house planner. See our dedicated Wedding Section below for more information.

Private Parties

We perform at everything from Bithday Parties to Graduation/Open-House Events with themes. We also do Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties as well.

Bars, Taverns & Pubs

We perform at these venues for special events & holidays on a case by case basis. Special consideration on these types of bookings will apply. We produce our own custom signage/fliers for these type of events as well as Facebook advertisements.

Street Fairs, County Fairs & Public Performances

We perform at Outdoor Events too! We can scale up the size of our Sound and Lighting Systems to handle large events with ease. Careful planning and coordination is crucial in these types of events as well.

Music & Genres

We carry about 2 million songs on our laptops with access to 90 million more from the online music services we use. Our music spans from the 1930's to the present day. You pick the genre(s) of music and we will stay within those as we play. Our music also spans almost every genre in existance. We have 'Clean Versions' of most songs if the event is family-friendly.

Flier & Graphics Production

With a full suite of Adobe software and other products, we can produce fliers, websites, video promos and graphic designs suitable for your event. This can include production of social media events.

About Our Weddings

No matter the size a wedding, it will require careful planning and coordination. We have many years of experience and the tools to help make this day a special one. We will always maintain open and prompt communication with the happy couple all the way up through that special day. Rest assured, once you schedule a date with us its yours! We are always on time and ready to go.

  • Comprehensive coordination using our own in-house planner
  • Close communication with the happy couple
  • We send two DJs to every event and you will meet them face to face!
  • Modular sound and computerized lighting setups for the smallest to the largest venues
  • Prompt setup and tear-down of equipment
  • Wedding DJ prices start at an average of $775 but can vary greatly depending on package options selected

Call, email or text us for any questions you may have concerning our packages and services. Our Wedding packages are tailor made for each couple's specific needs. In other words: One size does not fit all. We will need to know the couple's specific needs to give an accurate estimate on price. Click on the link below for a look at our comprehensive Wedding Planner.

Mixes & Media

Rumble Mix

Smooth Trance Mix 260

Promo Videos

My Team ver. 2

Mix Cloud Mixes

Feel Good Mix 259

Trance Mix 20

Chicago House Mix 155